Campo Próximo (Near Field) is a project that plays with the perception and construction of places. It creates dialogues between such places and the spaces in which they are presented.

A project by Matilde Meireles and Diogo Alvim.

Campo Próximo | Convento São Francisco (2019-2020), Coimbra
Loop, 4-channel sound, photographs, adhesive vinyl on wall, light

For this iteration, we drew a straight line through the territory that connects São Gregório in Caldas da Rainha (where OSSO Colectivo is based), and Convento São Francisco in Coimbra. We explored various locations along this line, searching for their particular qualities, and captured them using sound and image.

These materials are played back in the exhibition space, with a duration corresponding to the time it would take for sound to travel the same distance. Meanwhile, a microphone positioned in the centre of the room captures the sound recordings, and the result is played back alternately at each end of the room. This process repeats several times, modulating the sound properties and merging the recordings with the acoustic signature of the presentation space, as in I am Sitting in a Room by Alvin Lucier (1969). The dialogue between the various field recordings and the room accelerates until complete convergence – when architecture and audience become protagonists of the listening process.

Creditos: © Nuno Martins

Campo Próximo | Old School #38 (2015), Escola das Gaivotas, Lisbon
48 min live performance, 4-channel sound, projected photograph, light

Creditos: © Vera Marmelo