Intended for children between the ages of 6 and 10, Escola dos Labirintos is a training project of OSSO collective, anchored in the creation of itineraries of workshops, exhibitions and performance activities, directly articulated with the material, immaterial, social and cultural conditions of the host context. Within this scope, small groups of children will have the opportunity to experiment a set of activities where music, drawing, sculpture, theatre, sound, video, radio or architecture are articulated in games and hybrid devices of collective creation and fruition. Appealing to the children’s imagination through a creative contact with the specificities of the surrounding context, always mediated by the subjectivity and sensitivity of each artist-trainer, this is a school made of labyrinths where everyone will be invited, more than looking for an exit, to experience the pleasure of drifting fed by curiosity and dazzle.

Artistic direction: Ricardo Jacinto
Project management: Nuno Torres
Technical: Nuno Morão
Communication: Rita Thomaz