CACTO is a free improvisation project between the long time musical partners Nuno Torres and Ricardo Jacinto. From an electro-accoustic context they have developed a particular intrumental noisy dialogue. Strongly influenced by concrete and spectral musical aspects they have been working on a free improvisational context.

Their first album, in a duet configuration, was recorded in an Anechoic Chamber, a place where the musical/sound aesthetic of the project found its perfect first site-specific recording context.

CACTO #1 / Recorded at the Anechoic chamber of the IST Lisbon, 2009


Edited by Vera Cortês Art Agency

Vinil Cover designed by Matilde Meireles with inserts by Gwendolyn Van der Velden (Drawing) and Daniel Malhão (Poster).

Vinil available at:
Vera Cortês Agência de Arte

Digital album at: