OSSO | Program 18th to 30th July

From July 18 to 30, we continue the project EIRA – Radio Platform, already in its 7th edition, broadcasting on 101.0 MHz (São Gregório and surroundings) and online at eira.osso.pt, with conversations and radio shows designed by 4 guest artists and collectives: Cláudia Alves, BOCA, Appleton and Terceira Pessoa. These artists and collectives will be in residence at OSSO during this period working on these contents.

Also in these two weeks, on the 23rd and 30th of July, we return to Open Days, with a programme of live music, at the OSSO and St. Gregory’s Church, Sulla Lingua (Anthony Pateras, Riccardo La Foresta and Stefano Pilia), Pedro Oliveira, Scolari (Luis Vicente, António M. Silva and Bruno Pereira), Delphine Dora, Chão Maior (Yaw Tembe, Norberto Lobo, Leonor Arnault, João Almeida, Ricardo Martins and Yuri Antunes) and Eric Chenaux.

Escola dos Labirintos, a program of workshops for children from 6 to 10, will present 3 workshops in the areas of theatre, poetry and cinema. The collectives BOCA and Terceira Pessoa and the artist Cláudia Alves, will be the trainers of these workshops.

EIRA #7 - radio platform

Eira #7 – radio platform
Daily broadcasts from 7 pm to midnight on FM 101.0 MHz (São Gregório and surroudings) and online at eira.osso.pt
music, talks and programmes by guest artists and collectives.

By word of mouth, since ancient Sumeria
What is an audiobook and how is it made? BOCA, publisher of books, audiobooks and other unidentified sound objects, is OSSO’s guest for a residency in which it will record its next edition, author, storyteller and illustrator Rodolfo Castro’s version of the Gilgamesh epic, one of the world’s first tales. Following these days of experimentation, recording and editing, BOCA will produce a radio programme about the backstage of the audiobook creation process, to be broadcast on EIRA’s antenna on Saturday evening, 23 July.

BOCA will bring along a very special guest, poesia.fm, digital radio from, about and in search of poetry, which will be responsible for a workshop for children aged 6 to 10, to take place on Saturday, July 23, in the afternoon.

Cláudia Alves is a documentary filmmaker who lives between Lisbon and Paris. She studied filmmaking at the International Film School of San Antonio de Los Baños (Cuba). Earlier she graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon and has also studied in the Fine Arts’ Academy of Brera, Milan. Her work explores cultural differences, personal memories and collective memory. Actually, she has one documentary project in production (“Damas”, Ukbar Filmes) and another in post-production (“O Dia Inicial”, Blablabla Media). She has collaborated with many other artists in the development and production of documentary projects. In 2021 she joined the mentors’ team of the DocNomads master at Lusófona University.

Appleton invites Delphine Dora and Eric Chenaux for two concerts at the OSSO on 30 July. Concerts under a partnership between the OSSO and Appleton.

Ana Gil and Nuno Leão present QR CODE is a multimedia and performative installation that explores the graphic visualization of two-dimensional codes – Quick Response Code – as a way of creation, with other artistic languages, for the conception and research of the concept of ‘Media as Extensions’ by Marshall McLuhan, in the capacity of the media to be extensions of the human faculties, being able to transfer to the present space the global reality and its consequent contamination.

The object is composed of different media – performance, video, sound, installation – as polyphonic elements in the present space, testing the limits of communication and the possibilities of information. Moving through two spaces with distinct presences and times – the interior space of the gallery and the exterior space of the streets of each place – an immersive and reflective relationship is proposed resulting from the tension between physical and virtual experience.

QR CODE is an installation-rizome, a network of multiple connections between objects, organisms and hybrid experiences.

DIA ABERTO - concerts

DIA ABERTO – concerts

(Anthony Pateras, Riccardo La Foresta, Stefano Pilia)

Sulla Lingua is the new Italian-Australian trio formed in 2021 by Anthony Pateras, Stefano Pilia and Riccardo La Foresta.
Troglodyte rhythms and distillated melodies result from the clashing of the three’s experiences in sharing collaborations and from their solo projects.
Started around recording of La Foresta’s Drummophone, manipulated and elaborated by Pateras and Pilia during a residency in Modena happened last summer, the trio has constructed a repertoire of tunes that is already a modern classic of good-time-math-prog-disco-slow-head-banging.
Sulla Lingua is Italian for “on the tongue” or “on language” and it is symptom of the desire of crossing over idioms with massively fun rock-based music.

Anthony Pateras, synth and samples
Stefano Pilia, baritone guitar
Riccardo La Foresta, drums

Pedro Oliveira has been playing drums since 1995. In 1997 he joins KAFKA and tours the country with F. SUDOESTE 1999. In 2004 he joins SUBMARINE and in 2005 becomes a member of GREEN MACHINE; begins the activity of support musician, accompanying OLD JERUSALEM. In 2007 he forms PEIXE:AVIÃO, emblematic band of the new Portuguese rock scene; he creates soundtracks for the cinema and television, soundtracks of films like O QUE HÁ DE NOVO NO AMOR, MÉNILMONTANT and THE LADY AND THE HOOLIGAN. In 2010 he founded the label/collective PAD / EASY PIECES. In 2015, with OZO, he starts a more exploratory work, based on electronics and signal processing, based on prepared drums. In 2016 he creates KRAKE (solo), exploring the timbrical relation of the drums with amplifiers and electronics, creating a universe close to horror films. In 2017 he joins OSSO VAIDOSO (Alexandre Soares and Ana Deus). In 2018 he joins the recording of THE CLIFTON BRIDGE LANDSCAPES by KRAKE, with Jim Barr (Portishead), Jake McMurchie (Portishead-live/Massive Attack) and Pete Judge (Get the Blessing / Noel Gallagher-live). In 2019 he takes over the Clã’s rhythmic creation and joins Vincent Moon (Blogotheque), Priscilla Telmon and Rabih Beaini in the production of the music for HIBRIDOS FROM BRASIL. In 2021 he starts a partnership with Rui Reininho in the concerts of “20.000 Éguas Submarinas”; with the Clã he wins the Play Award – best band, and the nomination for a Golden Globe – best song, theme “Tudo no Amor”. He also has collaborations with Bernardo Sassetti, Sérgio Godinho, Samuel Úria, BFachada, Tó Trips, João Pedro Coimbra, Sérgio Nascimento, Jorge Coelho, Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, Evan Parker, Gonçalo, Evols, Ra-fa-el, Sensible Soccers, Vincent Moon, Priscilla Telmon, Rabih Beaini, among others.

_20h | SCOLARI
(Luis Vicente, António M. Silva, Bruno Pereira)

Featuring António M. Silva, Bruno Pereira and Luís Vicente, this feathery meeting revolves around the ideas left behind by jazz, noise and drone. Open, improvised and markedly exploratory dialogue, based on practices common to the trio – noise/silence, abstract/concrete, melodic/dissonant, bitter/sweet. In 2021 they released a split on the Dutch label Faux Amis and “Mata-Mata”, debut album on the Favela Discos label. More recently, and after a residency with local musicians in Prague, the trio has been working on a new record, of a more collaborative and open nature.

_21h | DELPHINE DORA (Igreja de São Gregório)
Delphine Dora is a French musician, composer and improviser. Her iconoclastic music can be read as a personal cartography, based on an intuitive approach to composition and nourished by numerous approaches. In the last ten years, she has been developing an intimate and plural musical universe, in perpetual metamorphosis, at the crossroads of different musical genres.

Concert under the partnership OSSO Colectivo e Appleton – Associação Cultural

(Yaw Tembe, Norberto Lobo, Leonor Arnault, João Almeida, Ricardo Martins e Yuri Antunes)

Chão Maior is a formation composed by Yaw Tembe (composition, trumpet), Norberto Lobo (guitar), Ricardo Martins (drums), Leonor Arnaut (voice), João Almeida (trumpet) and Yuri Antunes (trombone), musicians originating from distinct contexts, from rock, jazz, folk to marching bands and in this project all these subjects are explored in a diaphanous way, in the interest of creating a space of communion, a horizontal space where composition and improvisation co-habit, approaching the social systems inscribed in the music of Sun Ra, the Ghetto Music of Eddie Gale or the concept of Harmelodics of Ornette Coleman.

Eric Chenaux is a purveyor of jazz, folk, and pop-inflected avant-garde balladry juxtaposing a warm, clear singing voice and fried, noised, semi-improvised guitar . “A musician like no other.” (Tiny Mix Tapes) “A singer possessed of angelic sweetness accompanying himself with visceral guitar, Chenaux succeeds in generating an astonishing array of timbres.” (The Wire, Cover Feature, 2017)

Concert under the partnership OSSO Colectivo e Appleton – Associação Cultural

ESCOLA DOS LABIRINTOS - children workshops

Escola dos labirintos – workshops for children from 6 to 10

_11h to 13h | CLÁUDIA ALVES
thinking, seeing and listening to films

What sensations do the sounds of a film create in each spectator?
Are the sounds we hear in a film visible or invisible?
In this workshop we will discover how they let us see what the images don’t always show us. Exploring the world of sounds and moving images, we will let ourselves be surprised by the gestures, the rhythm and the timbre of each character and object, respecting their silences.

What will we do during these two hours? Watch short films, experiment with playing with the sounds that objects produce, record various sounds and, finally, mix and listen to the sounds captured, superimposing images from the films.

_15h às 17h | BOCA
Workshop with Sandy Gageiro

Poesia.fm aims to spread Portuguese language poetry around the world and tune the world’s poetry into the Portuguese language. This new digital radio is a site for short, medium and long sound pieces and creations. We record readings, conversations, documentaries, performances, songs or spoken books – each listener listens how and where they want, on a run in the countryside or in a dark room, like in the cinema or theatre.

And it is through listening that the workshop Poets in construction begins. After listening to pieces of various formats published or publishable on poesia.fm, and depending on the shares and ideas that emerge from this, we will accompany the children in the creation of poetic-radiophonic experiences, from which a new programme for a radio station with poetry at its heart may be born.


_15h às 17h | TERCEIRA PESSOA (Teatro)
Workshop with Ana Gil and Nuno Leão

If you were to tattoo a word on your body, what would it be? Now that you have chosen that word, think about what part of your body you would tattoo it on. On your leg? Your arm? Your hand? Wrist? On your stomach? On the back? By the eye that sees best? Next to the eye that sees worse?

In this workshop we will experience our body as a page where a new poem can appear. We start from the body of each one, from their words, stories, memories and unique sensations. And if we put our bodies together, and if we start crossing our shapes, our words, our stories, what will emerge?

Several poem-bodies that meet, cross, explore. If we look from afar maybe we can discover a new body-poem-body, that didn’t exist until then. And that, together, we created.

Reservations (workshops for children aged 6 to 10): reservas@osso.pt

Contribution: 5€ / Day

Supports: Câmara Municipal Caldas da Rainha, Junta de Freguesia Coto, Pópulo e São Gregório, Grémio Caldense, Centro de Apoio Social da Freguesia de São Gregório and São Gregório Ginásio Clube